A letter from Edward M. Stephens MD, founder of the Foundation for Male Studies

Dear Friends of Male Studies,


The Vision:


The "Study of the Male"


Definition: The academic study of the biology, psychology, sociology, economic and educational status of men, on their path from boyhood to manhood. As a new university-level initiative, it honors men’s worth by supporting educational, social and economic programs for development of male human capital.


Male Studies is looking at our needs as they are: Male human capital is ebbing. There are fewer men in the workplace, fewer men in college, poorer performance by our boys in education from kindergarten to graduate school and poorer health prospects for males – all over our world.


Male Studies is the only group calling for the radical reworking of environments for males. It is the only voice saying that university studies – without equal effort and resources to understand the male in society, economics, education, humanities and biology – is a road not only to extinction of intellectual integrity but to the human species as well.


Male Studies is the only voice saying that we need to stop the decline of prime-age males in the work force, and have a clear understanding of the causes of this decline. Only then can we develop clear social policies to reverse this economic and social drain on our society.


Male Studies demands a rigorous academic investigation of declining male participation in marriage and the blight of 'fatherless' children. Are there really 'fatherless' children or is this the product of our failure to understand the forces shaping our modern family structures? We need to end our complacency about producing offspring without understanding families. We need to strive for unbroken families that produce psychologically balanced children.


Male Studies is the only voice that demands that our educators across the nation examine the evident gap boys and men are facing – from kindergarten to graduate school – and reset the curriculum at the earliest age, to stop the incremental failure of our males in achieving their intellectual potential.


Why should boys hate reading in an educational economy where we learn to read in order to learn?



This year, the Foundation for Male Studies hand-delivered a letter to the president of an Ivy League university asking that the 'Study of the Male' become an integral part of an intellectually rigorous educational initiative whose time has come.


This same researched and documented request will be sent to dozens of presidents of universities across the country, with the same demand for academic honesty toward the other half of gender. Rather than decry their decline, our purpose is to promote the well-being of men.


The Foundation for Male Studies, using years of rigorous research, has initiated strenuous efforts to develop engaging charter school programs for boys. Inspiring boys in education will light their fire, rather than extinguish their prospects for fulfilled lives. Our educational system needs a reboot.


This year, the Foundation proposed and is promoting charter schools using the 'science of the male'. The Foundation wants education that excites boys, supports their natural inclinations for movement, games and activity, and makes “doing” an important part of learning, to light their fire, from grade school through college and beyond.


The Foundation sent proposals for this charter concept to twenty-five foundations that support educational initiatives. We pledge to send more requests until we achieve the funding we need for this educational breakthrough.




We need you!


Man or woman, mother or father, academic or just concerned citizen ... to support this brave new initiative to change the life course trajectory of boys and men in society.


We need your commitment.


We need your contacts. Who do you know that can be instrumental in supporting this vision? Business leaders, educators, foundations, or other people who care.


We need donations large and small: $5, $10, $50, $100 or more - to support the Foundation 's efforts.


We need $5, $10, $20 million to create a Named Chair for the Study of the Male and a department "For the Study of the Male" at a major university.


We need $5, $10, $20 million to initiate a string of Charter Schools for the engagement of boys.


We need visionaries in an education economy – one that runs on developed minds – to support institutional forces able to produce those minds, starting with boys who will become our men.


Please help us now – in any way you can.


Looking Forward,

Edward M. Stephens, MD

Chair, Foundation for Male Studies


PS: See for yourself. The articles posted on the section to the right, as well as the News and Publications sections of this site, support our efforts.