"Because it works for light their fire"



Mission and Purpose


The Charter School for the Engagement of Boys is a unique coupling of the  'Science of the Male' joined to, and buttressed by, proven educational principles and best practices for promoting male learning.


The school offers an opportunity for truly engaged learning alongside significant investment in one's own learning. It aims to engage boys at the earliest level and to re-engage boys who have been alienated from current models of traditional schooling by "taking them where they are" and using tools that best suit male brain learning.


The combination of knowledge from the emerging field of male brain science, along with known educational principles, is set to engage boys in a lasting embrace of education, because it works for them.


Education starts in the brain. The brains of males differ from those of females and require a carefully planned encounter with learning to achieve boys' inborn potential and place them on the path of lifelong learning.


The traditional, "one size fits all" school system doesn't work for many (some might assert most) children today and it is clear from the statistics that it doesn't work well for boys. Traditional schools lack the sensitivity to male learning, and the ability to tailor learning plans to the individual learners, rather boys are brought to 'education' and expected to learn as if learning was generic and unrelated to the needs of the male learner.


The Charter School for the Engagement of Boys places the unique needs and strengths of the male brain at the center of its pedagogical model. Programs are tailored to capitalize on boys' needs for active instructional styles, hands-on learning, inspirational teacher leadership, project-based learning, materials that intrigue boys (particularly technology and gaming), connected with caring teachers and increased kinesthetic movement.


The Charter School utilizes the emerging bioscience and neuroscience of maleness, reinforced by the new research to which the Charter School lends itself, in a quest, not only to educate those who attend, but also, through their success, to advance a repair of male learning difficulties at all levels of education, by creating a new pedagogy for the dance of learner and learning, to light their fire.



As a supporter or new friend of the Foundation for Male Studies, we are pleased to tell you some exciting news about our Charter school project. We have had planning sessions with leading Charter school consultants, conversations with a Department head at a state university and full-throated support from business and community leaders in the chosen location.


The 'model' school will be the first integrated (as opposed to racially designated) school for males with an educational philosophy anchored in the emerging science of the male by recognizing the unique biologic underpinnings of maleness.


We have moved out from research and conferencing with leading academicians and scientists in this effort to create a novel learning facility, to the next phase in the work to turn the tide affecting males of all ages.


We know the educational gender gap has its roots in boys’ earliest school endeavors. It starts pre-kindergarten where boys, on average, from the very onset of their schooling, lag in reading readiness, the foundation of all learning. The disparity grows like a cancer until the gap is almost two to one female to male ratio on college campuses and is even more lopsided in college graduation rates.


FMS' sponsoring of the creation of the first integrated charter school for boys is a major step toward reversing this loss of male human capital. FMS is committed to completing the rigorous application process.


FMS' relation to faculty at a major research university’s school of education will provide the pedagogical underpinnings to make our school the role model for the creation of similar schools nation wide.


To form this charter school for boys we must raise an estimated $100,000 to:


• Prepare the extremely complicated application to the State Board of Regents.

• Guide it through the rigorous state approval process and create a Board of Directors

• Vet and recruit a school principal and key staff

• Locate and pay a binder on an approved site for the school.


Once approved by the state, monies for routine charter school operations are funded by the school board in the district in which the school operates.*


All who participate in this funding will have the satisfaction of creating a life-long gift to a group of 250 boys. Those who give $10,000 or more will be inscribed as "Founders" on a commemorative plaque at the school.


Please send your tax deductible contribution to:


Foundation for Male Studies

333 Mamaroneck Avenue, #444

White Plains, NY 10605





Yours truly,







Edward M. Stephens, MD

Founder and Chair

Foundation for Male Studies

Tax deductible, 501(c)(3) non profit


* We have deliberately not revealed the proposed charter school’s location or the identity of the university out of an awareness that the very mention of single gender schools for boys, or male studies, draws strong opposition.


The Emerging Gender Gap in Labor Markets and Education

David Autor and Melanie Wasserman


Why Schools Alone Can't Close Achievement Gaps

Leila Morsy and Richard Rothstein


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Foundation for Male Studies

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