Participants of the Second Annual Conference:

Looking Forward to Solutions at the NY Academy of Medicine, April 6, 2011


Guy Garcia

Conference Moderator

Author, The Decline of Men


Edward M. Stephens, MD

Founder and President

Foundation for Male Studies


Tom Mortenson

Senior Scholar

Postsecondary Education

Higher Education Policy Analyst


Michael Gilbert

Senior Fellow

Annenberg Center for the Digital Future

University of Southern California


Marianne J. Legato, MD

Founder and Director of

Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Columbia College of Medicine


Katherine Young, PhD

McGill University


Paul Nathanson, PhD

McGill University

Faculty of Religious Studies


Matthew Willcox

Directof of Strategic Planning



Gordon E. Finley, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Florida International University

Department of Psychology


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