APHA Presentation Preface


Male vs. Man. It makes a difference. In health, in public policy, and in the way we look at ourselves. In the APHA presentation, the science of the male was used to construct a new intervention process in the treatment of the male in psychiatric therapy, and to create new perspectives on the male in society.


In proper therapy, it makes a difference to know that the male brain is different from the female brain, and responds in ways that are characteristically male, and that is a benefit all of us. The impulse to action makes men first responders of choice. The awareness of difference in our brain architecture and the course of our development from boys to men, points toward successful strategies for educating boys and understanding the strategies of educating boys, understanding the energies of adolescent males, and the urgency that adult males feel to provide for a bed and protect their families - in a complex social environment that does not always support the underlying biology and endocrinology of maleness.


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