Foundation for Male Studies

Today, boys and men are in a world which views many of them as broken, shameful, and cruel. During the last few decades, much of society has turned away from them, leaving most boys and men behind.

We have a very important mission, and we need your help.

Statistics point a grim picture of what is happening to men and boys today:

According to the US Census Bureau, more women are going to college today than they did a decade ago while the percentage of men attending college is decreasing relative to women. The number of females enrolling in college after high school increased by 20 percent from 1967 to 2000, while the number of men has decreased by 4 percent. This, combined with women graduating at a significantly higher rate than men, currently result in 1.5 million more women than men graduating from college each year. The psychological and sociological consequences of this have not been fully assessed, but are appalling and potentially harmful to our society;
More than two million adult males, over nine times the two hundred thousand adult females, are now in state and federal prison, according to the Pew Center on the States. This represents the highest incarceration rate among the industrialized nations;
The suicide rate for males is 300% higher than that of females, according to the National Institute for Mental Health. From the most recent data available, there were 24,672 male suicides and 5,950 female suicides during that year;
Boys regularly fail academically, repeat grades and are punished more often than girls in elementary and secondary schools;
Boys are expelled from high school in record numbers, and in some districts have only a 50% graduation rate;
Men accounted for 82% of the US jobs lost in the current economic downturn and now for the first time in US history comprise a minority (49%) of the nation’s work force—according to the US Department of Labor;
At last accounting, the National Institute of Health established that government grant monies at all levels devoted to the study of health problems (physical and emotional) unique to women totaled $3.4 billion, while those grants specific to general health problems suffered by both male and female totaled only $340 million;
International politics continue to require the service of American males in the military. Those who die or are maimed become an outgrowth of the attitude that males are disposable;
Our legal and family systems fail to honor the importance of men in families by awarding 90% of custody of children to mothers, effectively limiting fathers from family participation;
Boys now represent 73% of children diagnosed with learning disabilities and 76% of those classified as emotionally disturbed—according to the US Department of Education;
8 out of 10 children being medicated for behavioral problems are boys. Often these drugs are prescribed to quash the kinetics of boys in schools, while the real problem lies in the schools themselves—geared to the learning styles of girls.

Looking at what is happening—and this is by no means only an American problem—it is apparent that these issues are not limited to any one continent but now span the globe.

The Yonkers Model Charter School for the Engagement of Boys is a key project to integrate the science of the male into early education for boys;
Dr. Judith Kleinfeld's US study of Alaskan youth, No Map for Manhood revealed severe difficulties in the life-coping skills of boys graduating high school. The Foundation for Male Studies seeks to create educational programming to reverse this trend;
To organize conferences that bring scholars together to create courses and programs at colleges, which will increase our understanding of the educational and life needs of men and boys;
To create educational courses directed at changing public policy and achieving urgently-needed reform at schools and family courts;
To use Webcast technology to reach the greatest number of professionals, academics and researchers, and create a network of scholars and scholarship relating to the needs of men and boys;
To create studies that promote the understanding of fatherhood, and the place for males in the family;
To fund an international symposium that will lay the groundwork for the creation of a Male Studies Department or Chair at a major educational institution;
To fund the creation of department of male studies at a major educational institution;
To fund the creation of a Chair of Male Studies at a major institution of higher education.

These goals are unique and innovative. While there are hundreds of centers and programs for women, there are literally no programs for men. Our initiatives are creating the groundwork for change.

We face significant challenges to carry out this work. Getting the attention of universities, professional organizations and corporate and philanthropic organizations is a daunting and costly task.

By helping the Foundation for Male Studies with a donation, you will be personally responsible for making a change which will help our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, and uncles, and the women in their lives.

The Foundation for Male Studies is dedicated to the principle that men, as one-half of our species, have every ounce of understanding and compassion. And society's understanding of men and boys is crucial—not only to dispelling the hateful, twisted perception of men, but is the key to setting us on a constructive path for all.

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$500 - Student Aid Stipend - provides funding for undergraduate student work for one semester, or funds a special student project for the charter school
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$5,000 - Conference Oversight - hosting an annual or bi-annual conference on Male Studies
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$8,000 - Graduate course development in Male Studies for one academic year

$10,000 - for the Yonkers Model School for the Engagement of Boys


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