The Foundation is committed to establishing programs and departments of Male Studies and creating a named Chair in Male Studies at a major university.


With a multidisciplinary approach and history of leadership in the study of males, the Foundation for Male Studies is the leading resource and advocate for comprehensive scholarly, medical, political and sociological research about males.

Innovation and Transformation

By adding the study of men and boys as males to the existing canon, the Foundation fills critical gaps in knowledge, advances the body of knowledge for all people, and encourages women, men, boys, and girls to fulfill their human potential.


With an emphasis on adding classes, seminars, symposiums, workshops and conferences to the curricula of leading research universities, the Foundation supports the work of Male Studies scholars where it can have maximum impact: communicating to the next generation, to the scholarly, regional and national press, and to the think tanks, institutes, and peer foundations that influence public policy, legislation and mass discourse.


With more than a quarter century of experience in the field, and a track record of high profile publications, symposia and grants to promising young scholars, the Foundation for Male Studies “gets things done” and is uniquely positioned to support the creation of a new infrastructure for the multi-disciplinary study of males.