About Us

The Male Issues Coalition Political Action Committee (MICPAC) is a 501(c) (4) federally recognized political action committee dedicated to advancing public policies that promote true gender equality between men and women.

MICPAC acknowledges there is undisputed data concluding males have been marginalized by current public policies and a general lack of understanding and respect for being male. This marginalization is a form of discrimination and is evidenced in, as example, domestic relations laws and education - health protocols. Male discrimination is harmful to males, females, children and society as a whole.

MICPAC acknowledges that federal and state legislation coupled with special interest influences, often drives public policy agendas that adversely impact the education, health, welfare and overall interaction between the genders.

MICPAC acknowledges that true gender equality includes recognizing, respecting and accepting inherent fundamental differences between the male and female with an understanding that neither is superior nor inferior; each being unique and intended to complement the other.

MICPAC 's goals include:

a)   Elimination of gender discrimination against men and women.
b)   Attaining true gender equality for all men and women, (boys and girls), in health, education, welfare, elected
public service, governmental funding, private enterprise and in all aspects of society.

MICPAC 's mission includes a commitment to change existing legislation that is discriminatory and support legislation that promotes gender equality.

MICPAC will work with other advocacy organizations and may use grass roots advocacy, phone calls, emails, letters, as well as professional lobbyists to promote the mission and goals of equality and the elimination of gender discrimination.

MICPAC will support political candidates that express a wholehearted commitment to legislation that supports the interest of both genders - male and female - for the betterment of all.

DONATIONS ARE WELCOME. Donations to a 501 (c) (4) are not tax deductible as charitable contributions and may be deductible as trade or business expenses, if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of business. Check with your tax consultant.

To make a donation, visit us online at the Foundation for Male Studies, or write:

333 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 444
White Plains, NY 10605

or email: